Our Story

1933 - Means Celebration 

A celebration of freedom, enjoyment, passion for taste, imagination and excellence in the preparation of the best international cocktails.


1933 is the year the prohibition ended in the United States

1933 is a speakeasy when you want it, where you want it. During the prohibition, the "speakeasy" clandestine establishments provided alcoholic beverages and it's here where the creativity of bartenders gave birth to the classic cocktails that we know and love today. Create your own 'speakeasy' with 1933.

Cocktails prepared with 100% natural ingredients

1933 brings you the best international cocktails. Exclusive recipes and elaborations to enjoy at any time and in the easiest, fastest and most practical way of high quality cocktails.



JORDI MILLÁN is a master mixologist with international prestige.

Recognized and awarded worldwide, his experience behind the best bars and his innovative drive have led him to create 1933.